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Have you ever wondered what life was like for your ancestors living in early Marshall County? Come visit your museum and travel back in time as you walk through the Early Settlers Exhibit. Imagine riding in a “one horse buggy” to church on Sunday mornings, or to the square on Saturdays to do your weekly shopping. Maybe one of your ancestors was a doctor making house calls in his “one horse buggy.”

Things we take for granted such as keeping milk cool, or food from spoiling were difficult back then. The new revelation “ice box” changed everything. Early citizens purchased blocks of ice from the Ice House and stored it in the ice box enabling the cooling of milk and other foods. Those living in town could have it delivered to their homes.

In early Marshall County, laundry day was an all-day event until the invention of the “Maytag” washing machine. The old rubboard and a #3 wash tub were in every home. Upon the arrival of the “Maytag”, those with electricity had electric washing machines for the first time. Most country folks had gasoline powered machines and had to wash clothes outside. I’m almost positive men invented these life changing items, but I’m sure it was at the insistence of a woman!

We invite you to come and live for a brief time as your early ancestors in Marshall County did. Stop by today!